Janice Donaldson

Strategist and expert in change management, coach, and partner for "Leadership Circles" with Eve Turner

Janice is a strategic and experienced executive board member who has spent more than two decades working in partnership with senior leaders to deliver vastly different business transformations.

An adept and sophisticated executive and group coach, Janice’s coaching is defined by her experience in change management and senior leadership development. She brings a wealth of real world experience, strategic knowledge and commercial insight to her coaching, together with understanding of the complexity and challenge of leadership and her personal value of caring.

Having initially qualified as a mindfulness coach in South Africa, Janice refreshed these skills in the UK with a post-graduate diploma in Executive Coaching and Mentoring. In addition, together with Eve Turner Janice co-developed ©Leadership circles  based on a group coaching model that Janice first developed and used in South Africa. Janice holds two degrees, in Arts and Information Management.


From utilities, to financial services and higher education Janice has led across diverse functions such as strategy design and implementation, transformation, change management, organisation design and development, brand management, leadership development and human resources management.

Key successes

Some of Janice’s personal successes include:

  • The design and development of a new Russell Group university strategy, acknowledged to have been key in achieving an Aa2 Moody’s rating for a new, over-subscribed, £300m public bond
  • Designing and implementing a transformation process and senior management restructure which resulted in profits in a Private Medical Insurer increasing from £2.5m – £16.2m in a single year
  • Establishing a new clinical strategy function to embed clinical expertise throughout a business to improve customer outcomes and reduce claims costs (the pilot project proved a potential 10-20% margin improvement of c£30-£60m pa.)
  • Introducing new and innovative leadership and cultural initiatives within a company resulting in an unprecedented increase in the strongly agree scores in the bi- annual leadership survey (32%-46%)
  • Establishing the first formal human resources function for a niche financial services company and developing innovative policies and procedures which resulted in the company being short-listed in the Best Company to Work For Formulation and leadership of group strategy and transformation in partnership with two successive CEOs to transition a business from a small almost purely derivatives business to a mid-sized (internationally competitive) financial services company. Over 5 years the share price increased by 333% and the company experienced compounded annual growth and profitability of c25% pa
  • A cultural transformation from an almost exclusively white male organisation to an organisation ranked in the top 10 Black Empowered Companies in South Africa

Personal Values

Janice’s personal calues are:

  • Caring
  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Ease with uncertainty
  • Enthusiasm
  • Making a difference
  • Initiative
  • Integrity
  • Risk-taking
  • Vision


“I have no hesitation in recommending Janice as a Coach. As an academic from a STEM discipline, I had no exposure to or experience of management theory and practice before undertaking coaching with Janice. My initial fears and skepticism that I would be deluged with theories and schemes and instructed on how to manage were however unfounded. Janice’s style to coaching was to encourage personal reflection through prompting with thoughtful questions. This encouraged me to reflect on my own management style, what I did well but also where I lacked experience and needed to increase my knowledge, where Janice was happy to provide suggestions of approaches that I could consider to help me find my own solutions to problems. I found the coaching be a wholly positive experience and that helped me gain confidence as a manager, understand better my strengths and weaknesses and to give me confidence to undertake senior leadership roles within the University.”
John W Holloway
Associate Dean (Research)
Professor of Allergy and Respiratory Genetics
Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton

“I feel more confident in my own abilities, I recognise the value in terms of learning more about leadership and management, coaching has had an impact through the structure of reflecting over a period of time.”
Senior Leader

“I value more knowledge of the theories of management but don’t want to read about them and so these sessions have allowed me to discover new approaches and try and help me analyse the way that I work.”
Head of Clinical Unit