A new model to look at our coaching and leadership practice systemically


The Halos and Horns model is one Eve has been working on for a few years, with help and feedback from many of her wonderful supervisees! The plan is to load a version here for coaches, mentors, supervisors and leaders to use, but in the meantime please refer to an article outlining the model in Coaching at Work magazine: Turner, E. (2019). The horns of the dilemma. In Coaching at Work Vol 14 (2), 48-51.

The version is now slightly out of date, because it is constantly being used and refreshed with feedback. An updated version will appear in Chapter 10, Systemic Coaching Supervision, in the book by Hawkins, P and Turner, E. (2020 in press), Systemic Coaching – delivering value beyond the individual, to be published by Routledge. And Eve will be running a session on the model at this year’s Coaching at Work conference on July 3rd in London.


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