An invitation to take part

Professor David Clutterbuck and Eve Turner are undertaking a new piece of research looking at contracting in supervision.  We have both been aware of how often the issue of contracting, or more accurately, at times omissions in contracting, seems to lie behind some of the challenges that are brought to us in supervision sessions.  We wondered how widespread this experience was among supervisor colleagues.  So we have put together a short survey for supervisors.  However, we thought it would be helpful to check our thinking with both our supervisees, and their clients.  Hence, in total there are 3 surveys, one for supervisors, one for coaches and one for clients.

If you are a coach, a supervisor or a coaching client (coachee) then please do consider taking part.  The one for clients has a short explanation of what we mean by contracting at the start.

Each survey will take around 10 minutes to complete, slightly longer if people choose to complete a question where examples of challenges are offered.   Here are the links:

We would be most grateful if you could complete this by Sunday 25th November.  Our aim is to share the findings widely – aside from any written articles, we will also be holding webinars in 2019 to share the findings and highlights will appear in a book that Eve Turner and Peter Hawkins are writing.

We are very grateful for the support of the Association for Coaching (AC), the Association of Coaching Supervisors (AOCS), Henley Centre for Coaching, the Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA), Oxford Brookes University and the Global Supervisors’ Network (GSN) for help in distributing the questionnaires.